Wednesday 30 May 2012

Get Wiped-Out On PS Vita!!!

PS Vita
Single & Multiplayer
Rated: G

Guru's always loved the WipeOut games! It's almost as if they were specifically created to show-off the latest and greatest PlayStation console. So the awesome PS Vita has landed, and of course, WipeOut tears onto the scene with thumping techno tracks, blistering speeds, and “edge of your seat” anti-grav racing! Slick and flashy thrills is what WipeOut 2048 is all about and fans of the series won't be disappointed with this gorgeous looking handheld version!

As you'd expect there's stacks of twisted tracks to race on, single player's a blast, but if you're looking for a real challenge, check out Vita’s Crossplay feature. This allows you to race head-to-head against other Vita and PS3 owners - wicked stuff! WipeOut 2048 makes a lively comeback delivering futuristic racing “thrills and spills” that just can’t be beat!!!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

A Rhythm Adventure That's Music To Your Ears!

RHYTHM THIEF & the Emperor’s Treasure
Single & Multiplayer
Rated: G

It’s a fantastic mash-up of gameplay styles! Rhythm Thief pinches much of its gameplay and visual style from the Professor Layton adventures, replacing the crazy puzzles with nimble-fingered “rhythm” sections.

This funky little 3DS adventure will have you tapping your toes through the streets of Paris, while delivering oodles of musical mayhem along the way. Players control Raphael (and his criminal alter ego Phantom R), as he steals priceless artefacts from museums and galleries, following the trail of his long-lost father.

Together with his faithful canine companion Fondue, they must pull off “musical” heists, avoid the police, find his father, and solve a mystery involving Napoleon Bonaparte himself!

It’s a wildly twisted plot and tons of fun to play. The entertaining “music rhythm” sections even grade a player’s skill. All in all, Rhythm Thief can’t be beat!!!

Monday 28 May 2012

Winged Warrior Pit Returns On 3DS!

KID ICARUS: Uprising

Single & Multiplayer
Rated: PG
Guru knows that Nintendo fan-boys and fan-gals have been hanging out for a Kid Icarus game for absolutely ages! Well finally it's here, and now the little known hero Pit (a bow wielding angel) will be able to strut his stuff for the first time in almost a quarter of a century. Pit made his videogame debut in Kid Icarus on NES, and is now back with a vengeance in a fantastic new 3DS title, which is sure to set new standards in handheld gaming.

Having an angelic winged hero starring in the game sets the stage for lots of action-packed combat on land and in the air. Pit must do battle with the evil Medusa and her deadly Underworld Army, which sees him facing off with all manner of creepy creatures. The combat is fast and furious, and it's split into 'Air' and 'Land' battles. There’s also some great Multiplayer to be had, as well as AR Card support – which is truly awesome!

This blast from the past is a slick re-boot of a NES Classic, which will hopefully put winged hero Pit back on Nintendo's 'A' character list. Spectacular 3D visuals, action, adventure, and innovative controls make this one a must play for anyone with a 3DS - not to be missed!!!

Side-Scrolling, Shoot 'Em Up, Sci-Fi Action!

3DS (Nintendo eShop)
Single Player
Rated: PG

If you’re looking for a shoot ‘em up, side-scrolling, sci-fi actioner Mighty Switch Force should hit the spot. From the guys that brought you the brilliant Mighty Flip Champs! on DS comes their latest action/platform epic – this time in retina melting 3D!

Space Hooligans have escaped and are unleashing carnage and mayhem all over the planet. It’s up to you, the ‘hard as nails’ heroine Patricia Wagon, to stop them in their tracks! You’re a robo-peace keeper armed with a cool Pellet Gun and a bizarro world-altering Helmet Siren that helps reveal all manner of hidden secrets. Mighty Switch Force! is totally wild ‘Run & Gun’ action mashed-up with slick 3D visuals and brain-busting puzzles, making this some of the best fun available for download from Nintendo’s eShop for 3DS – be sure to check it out!

A Brain-Bustin' Push 'N Pull Puzzler In 3D!!!

PULLBLOX (a.k.a. Pushmo)
3DS (Nintendo eShop)
Single Player
Rated: G

If you’re a fan of brain-busting puzzlers, you’re gonna go bananas over this new 3DS download. PullBlox (a.k.a. Pushmo in the US) is another ripper title from the Nintendo eShop and it’s easily as good as any cart title out there!

In fact, it puts to shame some of the 3rd Party games we’ve seen on 3DS.  This fantastic puzzler puts you in the shoes of a weird looking dog creature who runs around a Pushmo playground in nothing but his Sumo underwear. His job. To undo all the mischief a meanie has been unleashing on the park, trapping little kids inside the Pushmo playground equipment.

To do so, he must solve a bunch of increasingly difficult 3D playground puzzles, in which you must lend a helping hand. It’s up to you to pull and push Blox in the correct order so that Dog Boy can make his way to the top of each puzzle and save the trapped kids!

You can even create your own puzzles in PullBlox Studio and share them with all your mates! How cool is that? PullBlox is some of the best 2D/3D puzzle action around – It’s a must play for anyone with a 3DS!!!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Nintendo's Latest Console - Wii U...

Guru checks out Nintendo’s Wii U...

Well, it’s official! Nintendo’s sequel to their hugely popular Wii console is on its way! Nintendo have finally unveiled their next-gen console and it's going under the mysterious title Wii U. It might sound a bit odd, but Guru’s sure it’ll grow on us, just like the good old Wii did. We also have confirmation that Wii U will be a High Def console (so it’ll have stacks more power under the hood), and that it will be backwards compatible with original Wii games and accessories. This means you’ll still be able to enjoy your fave Wii titles, the way they were originally intended to be played. Anyway, the finer details are still a bit sketchy, but we do have some actual pics of the prototype console below. As you can see, the system itself looks a little like the original white Xbox 360. However, it’s the funky control system that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Touching the Controller…
Guru always suspected that Nintendo's next control system might have DS-styled Touch Screens and guess what? He was right on the money! Once again pulling it outta the bag when it comes to innovative control methods, Nintendo haven't disappointed! Resembling a beefed-up, high tech version of THQ’s uDraw Game Tablet, this new Touch Screen based control method is sure to add new layers to players’ gaming experiences.

While the unit itself looks quite large, Guru has it on very good authority that it’s extremely light and comfortable to hold. It’s amazing what Nintendo have packed in, as their Tablet Controller sports both conventional controls (Dual Analogue Sticks, D-Pad, Shoulder Buttons etc.), as well as, a nifty 6.2 inch Touch Screen. It's also backwards compatible with Wii Motion controllers, and incorporates a Web Cam for video calls - cool!

Interacting with Games in totally New Ways…
So in real terms, what does this all mean for you? Well, just think about the possibilities that this controller opens up for gamers. Players will be able to draw on the Touch Screen and display their creations on their TV.

Not to mention, the screen is big enough to actually play games on, so if you’re gaming and someone wants to watch TV, you can continue playing using the 6.2 inch screen as your display.Games can also interact using the controller’s in-built Gyro Sensor giving players new views, and can easily display Inventory Items or Maps. It’s going to be truly awesome seeing the different ways that this controller can be used to interact with games…

This thing is a totally funk-a-delic and Guru can't wait to get his hands on it. As soon a she does, you'll be the first to know so be sure to Stay Tuned to G@MER4Kids as Wii U will be released here later this year...

See The Skylanders Up Close & Personal...

Guru delves deeper into the wild world of Skylanders…

Spyro’s new adventure takes the series in a whole new direction, introducing a bunch of heroic new characters with cool powers which can be added to the game by purchasing collectible figurines. A fusion of collectible toys and videogames, players collect figures (see some of the cool characters below) and then zap them into the videogame via the Portal of Power. Then these characters can then be played in a fantastic fantasy-styled action game. Each of these heroes has unique powers and abilities that will help you in the game. Check out Guru’s Game Guide below to get all the inside info on the Skylanders:

Check out their incredible abilities…

Element: Magic Primary Attack: Fire Breath Secondary Attack: Horn Charge
Upgrades Include: Flight – Spread Fire – Aerial Head Bash
This legendary Purple Dragon has embarked on many adventures in the Dragon Realms and now heroically defends the Skylands from the forces of evil.

Element: Fire Primary Attack: Lava Lob Secondary Attack: Eruption
Upgrades Include: Magma Bombs – Volcanic Eruption – Lava Flow
This hot-headed Lava Creature is sure to erupt at the first sign of trouble. A volcanic force of nature, Eruptor’s a heroic hot-shot who’s burning for a fight.

Element: Water Primary Attack: Harpoon Gun Secondary Attack: Water Cannon
Upgrades Include: Triple Harpoon Shot – Water Jet Pack – Water Launcher
There’s something a little bit fishy about this Harpoon toting Gill Guy. He hates Pirates (they kidnapped his Mermaid gal pal) and he never lets evil off the hook.

Element: Tech Primary Attack: Gold Coin Shooters Secondary Attack: Safe Cracker Bomb
Upgrades Include: Pot-of-Gold Bomb – Super Charged Gold Blasters – Gold Nugget Slinger
This kooky Goldslinger (as opposed to Gunslinger) shoots first and asks questions after. His origin is unknown, but there’s little doubt he’s a real golden blast!

Element: Fire Primary Attack: Flaming Sword Secondary Attack: Fire Spirit
Upgrades Include: Blue Flame Fury – Fire Flourish – Armor Leap
Once a knight, who was fused to his magical suit of armor and transformed into a heroic Blazing Spirit, Ignitor is all fired up to protect the Skylands from evil.

Power-Up With Kinect!

Xbox 360 (Kinect)
Single & Multiplayer
Rated: PG

Earth is under attack and it’s up to you (and your Xbox Avatar) to save the day in this wild Kinect twist on the legendary Smash Bros. Brawl! Players use their own personal Avatars and transform them into superheroes using awesome super-suits with unique abilities and powers. There are around 20 suits to collect, so expect a wide variety of superpowers at your disposal.

Players can do battle in single player, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer (both co-op and versus), and all of it is controller-free fighting action, all made possible, through the magic of Kinect! When it comes to beat ‘em up, slam ‘em down, brawl-tastic, 4-way multiplayer mayhem on Kinect, you can’t go past Powerup Heroes – it’s wicked fun for everyone!

One Of The Best Kid's Adventure Games Ever!

SKYLANDERS: Spyro’s Adventure
PS3 / Xbox 360 / Wii / PC / 3DS
Single & Multiplayer
Rated: G

The legendary purple dragon is back for more action, adventure, exploration and magic, in an awesome new fusion between toys and videogames. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure introduces a new way to play, where you collect character figurines and then zap them into the virtual videogame world, where they come to life.

There are over 30 different characters players can control, all of which have unique abilities and strengths. Players can choose from the fiery Eruptor, crazy gold-slinger Trigger Happy, harpoon toting fish-head Gill Grunt, and of course, winged wonder Spyro the Dragon; just to name a few. The game itself is an exciting mix of fantasy-styled action which includes both Co-op and Versus Multiplayer mayhem. It all adds up to wicked fun for Spyro fans!

Skylanders is an innovative new way to play videogames which allows you to collect cool character figurines and then teleport them into the game via the Portal of Power so they can take an active role in the adventure. Guru hasn't had this much fun in ages and the collectible figures are great because each new one unlocks a character, item, or additional area of the game. Better still, all your character's stats remain magically inside the figurine, so you can rock up to a mate's house with your figures in tow, and continue your adventure even if they have Skylanders on a different console format! How awesome is that? You get to take your Skylander heroes wherever you go and all your hard work levelling them up stays with them, for real! All in all Guru thinks that we'll be seeing a whole lot more of Skylanders in the coming year - it's brilliant fun and one of the coolest gaming ideas in ages, so be sure to check it out!

This iPad Game Smashes Its Console Competition!

Single & Multiplayer
Rated: PG

It’s incredible when an iPad port, completely smashes it’s console counterpart, offering a far more entertaining version of the same game! Ditching all of the First Person Parkour-styled antics in favour of a far more exhilarating, fast-twitch side-scrolling style of gameplay, Mirror’s Edge on iPad looks and feels like an Urban Free-Running game should.

The game is ultra responsive, has a gorgeous visual style, and to top it all off, it offers a two player mode! Each opponent simultaneously takes control of one side of the iPad, showing off their mad skillz, running, jumping, and avoiding obstacles, in a thrilling race for the finishing line – Excellent stuff!!!

Sometime's Weird Is Totally Awesome!!!

Wii (Wii Ware)
Single Player
Rated: G

Some of the Wii Ware titles Guru has been playing lately have totally blown him away!!! They’re cheap, usually quite entertaining, and developers are usually far more open to experimentation which allows for some incredibly unique and creative titles that normally would never see the light of day.

And Yet It Moves is one of the best out there and it’s a must play for anyone who owns a Wii console. The concept is simple. It’s basically a platformer where players must get the hero (a hand-drawn dude with more than a passing resemblance to Fido Dido) from point “A” to point “B” without dying. As you’d expect players can run and jump, but the real kicker is that you also need to rotate the game world using your Wii-mote, opening up all sorts of crazy possibilities.

Add a bunch of items in the environment like falling rocks and other gravity driven hazards, and you have all the makings of a classic platform puzzler. AYIM is awesome fun and is sure to make you flex your mental muscles!

A Blast From The Past Comes To XBL!

Xbox 360 (XBL)
Single Player
Rated: PG

If Game Guru had to put together a Top 10 of his fave Adventure games, Beyond Good & Evil would have to be one of the first to make the list! This brilliant game slipped through the cracks when it was first released, and it’s one of the best games that people never played. With a bit of luck, this re-booted HD version will be a hit on XBL (it really deserves it) and a whole new generation of gamers will discover this awesome title.

Players take control of young reporter Jade, who with the help of her pig-man side-kick Pey’j, must expose a terrible government conspiracy and save their planet. Featuring varied gameplay that embraces everything from exploration and puzzles, to photography and combat, it’s the game’s storyline and characters which make Beyond Good & Evil a true stand-out, Guru can’t recommend it enough!

Chopping It Up With Kinect!

Xbox 360 (Kinect / XBL)
Single & Multiplayer
Rated: G

Kinect is about to take the humble “Karate Chop” to new levels, when the awesome cult classic Fruit Ninja makes the jump from the iPod to XBL! Instead of boring touch controls, Fruit Ninja on Kinect sports totally mental, arm-swinging controller-less, chop-o-matic action!!! Simple to play, hard to master, and addictive as anything; the name of the game is to “Slice & Dice” any and all fruit that is thrown your way. Additionally, there’s a new multiplayer mode, so you can slice it up side-by-side with a mate – chop, chop!

PS Vita - Super-Charged Handheld Gaming!!!

PS Vita is here and handheld gaming goes truly Next-Gen...

OMG!!! It's all true! Sony's super-charged PSP code-named Vita is here, and it's burning a hole in Guru's hot little hands. As far as specs go, this baby kicks the butt of every other handheld console out there! Guru is totally blown away by Sony's shiny black beast. It's like a Porsche, tons of power to burn, a huge list of features, and a sleek futuristic look that belongs in a blockbuster sci-fi flick.

There's little doubt that Vita’s got what it takes in the looks department. It’s like the supermodel of handhelds, but in this case, it’s not all lighting, smoke, and mirrors. Vita’s beauty is anything but skin deep, and when you scratch below the surface you’ll discover a wild gaming animal that wants to unleash a crazy set of features that gamers have only been dreaming of… Just check this out!

Twice as Touchable…
The Vita sports a crisp and vibrant multi-touch 5-inch OLED display on the front of the unit and a unique multi-touch pad on the rear, making it twice as touchey as the iPod Touch, iPad, or Nintendo’s DS range.

Dual Analogue – the way to go…
Finally, gamers get what they’ve been asking for! Dual Analogue Sticks for PS3 style control of handheld games – it’s awesome!!!

Awesome Oval…
Vita’s slick design is called Super Oval and it fits confortably in the hands for extended gaming sessions. The Oval incorporates everything you’ll ever need to play games, surf the web, or mess around with multimedia.

Truly Connected…
Wanna get online? Connect, chat, and play with friends? Well Vita offers both Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity. Additionally, all games will have a virtual space called “LiveArea” where players share all the fun and excitement with others.

Twin Cam…
Two Cameras for twice the fun. Vita has front and back mounted cameras which can be utilised in games like Invisimals.

Feel the Motion…
Still not enough gadgets under PS Vita’s hood? Well try adding a trio of motion sensors, a gyroscope, accelerometer, an electronic compass, and a flash-based memory card system for the games software.

In a single word the PS Vita is absolutely brilliant - stay tuned to "Discs & Carts" for reviews of the Vita games coming soon...

The Chill-Out Game Of The Year!!!


Single & Multiplayer
Rated: G

Journey is one of those great “kick-back & relax” videogames that needs to be experienced to be fully understood. From the creators behind cult classics flOw and Flower comes another unique gaming experience that takes us on an atmospheric journey of discovery that errs on the side of the spiritual. Sporting simple controls (the Left Analogue Stick moves your character, while Tilt Control moves the camera), players take control of an explorer who awakens in a strange desert world. Where are we? Who are we? Why are we here? All questions that come to mind, but are left unanswered. Rather than being spoon-fed some derivative storyline we've all seen a million times before, we are left to our own devices to derive meaning from the jourmey itself. For once we have to think, bringing a part of ourselves to the floating hooded character, who slowly walks the sands and floats on gusts of wind.

As the journey unfolds, players will slowly uncover an ancient civilization’s long forgotten history within the sand blasted ruins scattered all over the world. They'll explore, cross paths with strangers (other Online Players) who will join them in their quest at various points in the game, solve simple puzzles, and encounter alien creatures that travel the breeze. All the while, making their way slowly towards the mysterious mountain looming on the horizon. This is one trip that Guru can’t recommend enough. It's a must play for all PS3 owners looking for something different. Journey is the ultimate chillaxing game experience - brilliant stuff!!!

Pokemon In 3D - For Free!!!

3DS (Nintendo eShop)

Single Player
Rated: G

Here’s a ripper freebie 3DS App for all you Pokemaniacs out there! It’s called PokeDex 3D and it allows you to collect over 150 Pocket Monsters from the latest Pokemon Black and White versions. You can view each of the Pokemon in gorgeous 3D and even zoom in and out or rotate them. Additionally, each Pokemon’s unique cry can be heard and all their Stats reviewed. You can even take AR pics of yourself with the Pokemon you’ve collected – PokeDex 3D is a must have download for any Pokemon Trainer with a 3DS, and best of all, it won’t cost you a cent!

The Awesomest Rayman Game Ever!!!

Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii
Single & Multiplayer
Rated: G

That little armless, legless hero Rayman is back, this time, in his very own adventure and there isn’t a Raving Rabbid to be seen! Going back to the series’ roots, Rayman Origins goes back to the beginning, delivering an awesome mix of “old school” 2D side-scrolling platform action, and slick high-def cartoon styled visuals.

Better still, this new Rayman adventure includes 4 Player, Jump In / Jump Out Co-Op, which means that up to three mates can join you on his latest quest. The additional players take control of Rayman’s best buddy Globox or one of two wizards called Teensies, that join in the fun. Featuring over 60 Levels of obstacles, challenges, enemies, and Bosses, not to mention, hidden secrets and alternate routes, spanning a dozen different environments – this is the platform adventure that all you Rayman fans have been waiting for!

Team Mario vs Team Sonic @ London 2012...

MARIO & SONIC at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Wii / 3DS
Single & Multiplayer
Rated: G

They’re at it again!!! That unstoppable mustashioed plumber and his speedy blue hedgehog rival are both battling it out for gold in the London Olympic Games! This latest instalment in the Mario vs Sonic series transports players to the 2012 Olympics in London, and allows them to choose from a bunch of videogame faves representing Team Sonic and Team Mario. They’re all here, ready to go for gold: Tails, Peach, Eggman, Bowser, Shadow, and Luigi. Competing in challenging Olympic Events like Athletics, Swimming, Soccer, and even Table Tennis. Best of all, for the first time ever, players will be able to experience all the sporting thrills in 3D on Nintendo’s 3DS – cool!

It's A Me, Mario & I'ma Ina Da 3D...

Single Player
Rated: G

Mario returns for another cool platform adventure, and this time he’s going 3D!!! That’s right friends, through the magic of 3DS our favourite heroic plumber is delivering more cliff-hanging thrills than you can poke a Goomba at. The challenges will actually pop out at you while playing in 3D! Mario’s abilities are better than ever too – with the awesome Tanooki Suit making an appearance, and a cool Rolling Somersault Attack helping him lay the smackdown on enemies.

Throw in some new baddies like ink-spitting Piranha Plants and you’ve got a Mega Mario Marathon - Nintendo you’ve done it again – fantastic stuff!