Sunday 31 March 2013

TRAVEL THROUGH TIME... for Sly Cooper's Most Daring Heist Yet!

SLY COOPER: Thieves in Time
Single Player
Rated: PG

That rascally raccoon and master thief Sly Cooper returns in another nail-biting heist adventure, and this time he's travelling through time which is guaranteed to keep players on their toes. Join Sly and his merry band of misfits, as an all new mystery unfolds. After another daring heist Sly is suddenly overcome by amnesia and disappears with his gal-pal Carmelita in tow...

To make matters worse, Sly's loyal partner in crime Bentley (the brainiac turtle) is shocked to discover that pages of the ancient ‘Thievius Racoonus’ (The Cooper family Book of Master Thievery) are gradually disappearing too... uber-weird! So it looks like it’s time to round up Team Cooper - their mission: To stop Sly’s family history from going bye-byes for good!

Thieves in Time promises to be the gang’s wildest ride yet. It's filled with thrilling missions, tons of brain-busting puzzles, loads of combat, and some totally wicked boss battles to boot! Sly and Bentley are joined by Murray (the fix-it hippo) and a quirky cast of humorous characters, each with their own unique style, moves, and specialties.

Add a bunch of costumes to collect which unlock special abilities like boosting your attack and defense moves, it’s fun and games all the way in this entertaining adventure for the whole family - Sly is great fun for everyone!

Friday 22 March 2013

GOTTA TYPE 'EM ALL: Time to Learn How to Type With Your Fave Pokemon!

Pokemon Typing Adventure
Nintendo DS
Single Player
Rated: G

Let's be honest, learning to type can be a real pain in the butt! So if you wanna inject a little bit of fun into typing lessons, then look no further than Pokemon Typing Adventure. That's right folks, those funky little Pocket Monsters have come together to teach YOU how to type!!! Whether you’re a newbie still struggling to remember your finger positions on the keyboard, or a typing master, you'll be tapping away at super speed in no time and having fun while doing it...

All you need is your DS and the Pokemon Adventure bundle, which comes with the game cart, wireless keyboard, and a compact DS stand. Put it all together and you're ready to rock ‘n roll. Oh, and it also helps to be a bit of a Poke-maniac, as it's great motivation for you to blitz those Pokemon typing activities.

The coolest thing about Pokemon Typing Adventure is that you don’t have to be an ace typist, you can just tap along at your own level, progressing as you improve and become more confident in your typing skills. As with most typing courses the name of the game is to increase the speed and accuracy of your typing. Sporting Beginner through to Advanced courses, you'll be challenged to ramp up the speed while reducing your mistakes.

However, unlike any other typing trainer, you'll be rewarded with Pokemon. The faster you type the more Pokemon you’ll get to meet. There are over 400 Pocket Monsters to track down and you'll find them lurking in places like the desert, forest, mountains and beaches. All of them, hidden away, throughout the 60 courses which are available for you to complete.

By typing the names of Pokemon you see in the different locations quickly and accurately, you'll soon entice the rarer Pokemon out there, to come your way.  You can also nail High Scores to win Gold Medals, unlock new locations, and become a Poke Typing Master. Who knows? If you’re up to scratch, you might even get to battle some of the Legendary's on this brilliant Poke-centric typing adventure - awesome stuff!

Sunday 17 March 2013

HOT HARDWARE: Jawbone's BIG Jambox is Sure to Blow Your Mind!!!

Remember all those cheesy 80's flicks where dudes partied on with humongous Boom Boxes perched on their shoulders, blasting out tunes for the whole world to hear? Well, if social music is your thing, the jumbo-sized Jambox is sure to get the party started!!! It don't matter if you rock out using your Phone, iDevice, or MP3 player; if you feel the need for music cranked to "Eleven" when you're out and about with friends, then look no further...

From the brainiacs at Jawbone (total legends of the mobile headset game) comes Big Jambox - the beefier bigger brother of the original Jambox. If you've never encountered Jambox before, they're a top notch portable smart-speaker system that transform your portable music devices into full-blown hi-fi sound systems. Best of all, they're more than compact enough to comfortably carry in a backpack or satchel, so it can be party-time wherever you go! When you finally hear the Big Jambox for the first time, you'll immediately know this little beauty is here to stay.

Designed specifically for our crazy "on-the-go" lifestyles, Big Jambox allows you to share the love musically with family and friends virtually anywhere you go. Whether it’s between rooms chilling out at home, the beach, pool or that impromptu party, you’ll be able to play music loud both wired or wirelessly if your music device supports Bluetooth.

Big Jambox even sports a built-in microphone, so that it doubles as a speaker-phone, making hands-free calls a breeze. Other cool features jammed into this compact package include Live-Audio technology which delivers nothing short of awesome 3D sound and a built-in rechargeable battery which powers you up for around 15 hours - wicked stuff!

They even come in a nice collection of funky colours for all those trendsetters out there. While Big Jambox may not be the cheapest smart-speaker out there, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality, delivers bigger sound than it should, and it looks slick too - if you love music, you just gotta get one!