Monday 16 December 2013

HIT PICK #11: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE TAKE OUT THE PRIZE... Some of the best Robo Action to hit the Small Screen!

Transformers Generation One Remastered: Complete
Transformers Prime: Season One Collection
Transformers Prime: Season Two - Volume 1 - 3
Rated: G/PG

Game Guru's a HUGE fan of Giant Robos bashing and blasting each other while creating city-wide mayhem on a mega-ton scale! That's why Transformers always makes Guru's Hit Picks every year... I mean who can resist bad-ass robos morphing into cars, trucks, planes, even freakin' dinosaurs and then back again? Not me! It just don't get much cooler than that!!!

Anyhow, the guys at Madman have always got you covered when it comes to animated Transformers action on Blu-Ray and DVD... And let's be honest, the animated shows beat the stuffing outta those overblown live-action Hollywood effects-fests that have forgotten what the Transformers are really about! So, if you're looking to get back to the roots of the feud between the Autobots and Decepticons, there's no better place to start than the original 80's animated TV series...   

The good news is that Madman have released the Transformers Generation One Remastered Complete Collection. Not only is this the best that this classic animated series has ever looked, but it's all there in one HUGE box set. A whopping 2,134 minutes of epic robot action spread across 12 discs, to be enjoyed at your own leisure. It's perfect for those rainy days during the holidays and is sure to entertain Transformers fans everywhere!!!   

If you're looking for a more contemporary spin on the Transformers franchise, Guru highly recommends checking out the new Transformers Prime animated series. Giant Robo nuts have been going ape over this cool Transformers gem, and Guru's joining the bandwagon. 

This wicked anime series is now available as a complete 'Season One Collection' on both Blu-Ray and DVD. Also available are Transformers Prime Season Two, volumes 1 through 3. Trust Guru when he says that this series is freakin' awesome, and it would make the perfect addition to your X-mas lists...

Just to give you a taster of the true awesomeness that is Transformers Prime, here's Guru's quick rundown of some of the explosive craziness that takes place in Season One. As you'd expect, the Autobots and Decepticons return, albeit with a slick new CGI looks. 

Then there's WWE Legend Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. 'The Rock' voicing one of Optimus Prime's buddies - Cliffjumper! Better still, his vehicle disguise is a pimped-out muscle car complete with Bull Horns over the grille and a 'tude to match. 

But the thing that's really mind-blowing, is the totally 'off the chain' storyline. It mashes up the return of Megatron and a gonzo Decepticon plot that involves reanimating giant Robo-Zombies from an ancient battlefield. Un-freakin-believable!!! Yep... this show's over-the-top in a really good way, and should not be missed by Transformers fans - Fantastic Stuff!!!

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