Saturday 21 December 2013

HIT PICK #12: WACKY ADVENTURES WITH FINN & JAKE... It's Some of the Best Fun You Can Have This Side of the Candy Kingdom!!!

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad (with bonus Jake Hat)
Adventure Time: The Complete First & Second Seasons
Adventure Time: Shmowzow Box Set
Rated: PG/G

If there ever was an Adventure Time fan-boy it would have to be Game Guru!!! Guru discovered this awesome cartoon series by accident a couple of years back, when he was going through some really rough times. It's funny how the simplest of things can sometimes break through the sadness and put a smile on your face, and for me Adventure Time was it! 

A crazy animated show about a boy called Finn and his adoptive 'bro Jake (a yellow morphing dog), and their weird and wacky adventures in the magical land of Ooo... It's indescribably awesome, jam-packed with wild humour, videogame references, and all manner of totally bonkers mayhem. 

It's also got some of the most lovably flawed characters you'll ever see in what's considered a kid's cartoon. Being this HUGE a fan it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that Guru recommends a massive dose of Adventure Time over the holiday season! 

So be sure to grab some discs and kick back with your family and friends for some of the best entertainment this side of the Candy Kingdom. The legends at Madman have got you covered with a cool bunch of DVD and Blu-Ray collections that serve up Finn and Jake's funniest moments, the perfect swag to score yourself over the holidays! 

Trust the Guru when he says you won't be disappointed. This adventurous duo will have you chuckling within minutes of their first adventure... watch a few episodes, and you're sure to be hooked!

For starters, you can't go past the complete season collections on DVD and Blu-Ray. Adventure Time's First and Second Seasons are available as individual DVD and Blu-Ray box sets.

These box sets include brilliant episodes like Slumber Party Panic (S1), The Enchiridion (S1), Evicted! (S1), It Came From The Nightosphere (S2), The Chamber of Frozen Blades (S2), Susan Strong (S2), and Guru's all time fave Guardians of Sunshine (S2), which sees Finn and Jake sucked into BMO to play a videogame for real - awesome stuff!!!!

Mathmatical!!! If that wasn't enough, there's also a ton of Adventure Time collections which hand pick some of the best episodes around. The latest of these, is Collection 5: Jake the Dad, which also comes with a groovy Jake Hat. 

Not only that, but it includes 16 fantastic episodes of Adventure Time including Jake the Dad, where our fave morphing dog becomes a father - the Candy Kingdom better look out!

Finally, comes the BIG one... The Smowzow Box Set which includes the first 4 Adventure Time collections! These are My Two Favourite People (C1), It Came From the Nightosphere (C2), Jake vs Me-Mow (C3), and Fionna and Cake (C4)!!! 

There are so many great episodes in this collection that it'll melt your brain - a must have for every Adventure Time fan everywhere! Guru's gonna grab his one right now... 

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