Saturday 15 December 2012

#2 - FINN & JAKE: Season's Greetings From the Land of Ooo - Adventure Time!!!

Everybody knows Guru's a HUGE fan of Adventure Time and it isn't a big stretch imagining the fun to be had by spending some time over the X-mas Season with Finn the Hu-man and Jake the Dog. Those two bro's are always looking for a few laughs and an adventure, and are probably the best team-up since Mario and Luigi. The good news is that Adventure Time has gone from 'cult following' to 'uber-popular' so you'll have no probs finding some cool Adventure Time swag to put on your X-mas lists or buy as stocking fillers for your loved ones, so here's a few of the best...
First up, you can't go past the Adventure Time DVDs which are available through Madman. This show is indescribably awesome, jam-packed with humour, videogame references, and all manner of totally bonkers mayhem. It's also got some of the most lovably flawed characters you'll ever see in what's considered a kid's cartoon. It's totally brilliant fun, and if you haven't caught it yet be sure to check it out over the holidays, trust me, watch a few Eps and you'll be hooked! There are three flavours of Candy Kingdom goodness available with two 'Best Of Collections' (My Two Favourite People - 12 Eps & It Came From The Nightosphere - 16 Eps) and the most recent release, which contains the whole enchillada, otherwise known as'The  Complete First Season'. It's 286 minutes of wild adventures in the Land of Ooo and a must have for Adventure Time fans.
Smowzow!!! Gamers have also got themselves covered with the first ever Adventure Time videogame. Available on 3DS and DS (unfortunately the 3DS version is US region locked, so there's no joy for Aussie fans wanting the 3D trimmings) it's got one of the most wigged-out titles in videogame history... 'Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!' is a side-scrolling platform adventure which is sure to satisfy fans. Available as an EB Exclusive, you can get a DS copy of the game here in OZ from your local EB store.
While on the subject of EB stores, there are also a great selection of Adventure Time collectibles becoming available over the X-mas period. Everything from life-size plastic replicas of Finn's Sword, to vinyl figures and plushies. Guru's fave (he scored one immediately, as soon as he laid eyes on it) is the 10" Deluxe Finn which is fully posable and comes with changing facial expressions. It's uber-cool and looks 'da bomb' sitting on the Guru's desk while he's writing this feature. It should also be noted that some of these awesome items are also available at 'Toys R Us'. So if you're after some Mathematical Merriment over X-mas, be sure to hit up good old Jake and Finn!!!

Thursday 13 December 2012

#1 - MARIO: He's sure to make you Merry!!!


'It's a me... Mario!' We've all heard those words countless times, but they never seem to get old. You can always count on Mario to unleash a ton of videogame fun and this year's no different to any other. I mean, what would X-mas be like without Nintendo's portly platforming plumber? It just wouldn't be the same! And there's nothing better than the family getting together, gathering around the console, and whooping each others butt while all sorts of Mushroom Kingdom comedy ensues...

The 2012 holidays see Mario bigger, brighter, and more vibrant than ever with the release of Nintendo's new High Def console Wii U. As you'd expect, Mario is front and centre as the star of his own blockbuster SMB sequel, dubbed New Super Mario Bros. U and he's never looked better. Joined by his bro' Luigi and lots of familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom, this side-scrolling platformer delivers more family fun (the 5 way multiplayer is a total hoot) than a barrel of crazy monkeys. Forget about the Bored (only joking, I meant Board) Games of yesteryear and check out the way that future generations will get together for a night of wholesome family entertainment. Mario's platform adventuring never gets old, Guru guarantees it!

Mario also gets a look see in the awesomely brilliant Nintendo Land, the game which comes bundled with the Wii U. Designed to show off the funky new GamePad Controller, this is an exciting thrill ride through a Nintendo themed amusement park filled with fun attractions. Sporting 12 gaming activities under the hood - with everything from shoot 'em ups with Samus of Metroid fame, to a Donkey Kong crash course and a tour of Luigi's haunted house - you'll find Co-Op, Competitive, and Solo games that should hit the spot. Of course, almost all of Nintendo's characters make an appearance including Link, Yoshi, and those colourful interplanetary plant creatures - the Pikmin. Mario Chase is one of the coolest mini-games, which sees our heroic plumber in a frantic game of Tiggy with his mushroom mates the Toads. This is fast paced competitive gameplay that'll have everyone on the edge of their seats...

Finally, for those that want to take Mario away with them on their holiday travels there's Guru's personal fave Paper Mario: Sticker Star on 3DS. Paper Mario has always had a special place in Guru's heart, so it's little surprise that this one makes the cut. It's a great little platform adventure with a unique 'paper cut-out' style that has oodles and oodles of charm. The whole 'sticker' thing works a treat and gives the whole game a fresh spin. And if that doesn't sell 'ya on it - it's also in glorious 3D.

So there's not one, but three groove-a-delic reasons that Mario is one of the Gaming Kings of Christmas. Be sure to stay tuned and find out who's next... GG.


Wednesday 12 December 2012

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!! Guru's Awesomest Wish List of Things to Get for X-mas!

HO, HO, HO... IT HAS BEGUN!!! The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on a roll and Guru's been busy, busy, busy... so sorry for my lack of posts over the last month or so. Guru got his X-mas present early this year in the form of a Top Secret writing project involving a new videogame that he'll be able to talk more about early in the New Year - so be sure to stay tuned!
But now to the task at hand. X-mas is less than two weeks away, the Holidays are upon us, and we all need to know the answer to that magic question... 'What do I want for Xmas?' and even more importantly, 'What are the best things for X-mas?' Well, in his down time Guru's been going totally bonkers playing around with the latest and greatest videogames, consoles, gadgets, toys, collectibles and flicks, so that he could pull together this Ultimate Wish List!
All sorts of stuff can be found here and all of it's good! Hand picked, tested, and given Guru's big stamp of approval. Every day from now to X-mas Eve, you can expect Guru to post one or more juicy items that would make for brilliant pressies. So stick them on your list, save up and buy them with your gift cash, or watch and play them over the Holidays. If it makes it here, you won't be disappointed! Well, that's it from me for now, be sure to check in every day for the latest instalments of 'Game Guru's Best Things 4 X-mas'...