Wednesday 5 September 2012

Pokemon B&W Version 2 On Its Way - Time To Get Ready!!!

Well, no doubt by this stage, all of you rabid Pokemaniacs are going bonkers at the thought of another awesome Pokemon adventure - I know, I am!!! Guru's been a HUGE fan of the Pokemon saga right from the start and he's gotta say, that there really hasn't been a dud instalment in the whole series! In fact, Pokemon Black & White Versions were probably one of the best Pokemon releases ever!

With October drawing closer (and the impending release of Pokemon Black & White Version 2 on the 11th) Pokemon Masters and Novices alike need to start prepping for a return trip to the Unova region where they'll be exploring a gigantic gameworld, capturing and training all manner of Pokemon, as well as, showing off their Battling skills against other Trainers and Gym Leaders alike. IT'S GONNA BE FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!

If you wanna be sure to have all the info, maps, and secrets ready for when the game releases, the best way is to score yourself 'The Official Pokemon Unova Strategy Guide: Volume 1' for Pokemon Black & White Version 2. This brilliant tome comes in two flavours - the standard version and an unbelievably wicked hardcover Collector's Edition - and is basically the Enchiridion (Adventure Time reference, for those in the know) for all you Pokemon trainers out there.

Within its magical pages you'll find a complete walkthrough of the games, including essential details on the new Gyms, Trainers, and challenges you'll face. There's even tips and tricks for evolving Pokemon, a fantastic poster map of Unova, and a sneak peek at post-game surprises! All in all, 'The Official Pokemon Unova Strategy Guide: Volume 1' is a must read for anyone who wants to become a Pokemon Legend in the latest game. It gets two big thumbs up from the Game Guru!!!

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