Tuesday 22 May 2012

See The Skylanders Up Close & Personal...

Guru delves deeper into the wild world of Skylanders…

Spyro’s new adventure takes the series in a whole new direction, introducing a bunch of heroic new characters with cool powers which can be added to the game by purchasing collectible figurines. A fusion of collectible toys and videogames, players collect figures (see some of the cool characters below) and then zap them into the videogame via the Portal of Power. Then these characters can then be played in a fantastic fantasy-styled action game. Each of these heroes has unique powers and abilities that will help you in the game. Check out Guru’s Game Guide below to get all the inside info on the Skylanders:

Check out their incredible abilities…

Element: Magic Primary Attack: Fire Breath Secondary Attack: Horn Charge
Upgrades Include: Flight – Spread Fire – Aerial Head Bash
This legendary Purple Dragon has embarked on many adventures in the Dragon Realms and now heroically defends the Skylands from the forces of evil.

Element: Fire Primary Attack: Lava Lob Secondary Attack: Eruption
Upgrades Include: Magma Bombs – Volcanic Eruption – Lava Flow
This hot-headed Lava Creature is sure to erupt at the first sign of trouble. A volcanic force of nature, Eruptor’s a heroic hot-shot who’s burning for a fight.

Element: Water Primary Attack: Harpoon Gun Secondary Attack: Water Cannon
Upgrades Include: Triple Harpoon Shot – Water Jet Pack – Water Launcher
There’s something a little bit fishy about this Harpoon toting Gill Guy. He hates Pirates (they kidnapped his Mermaid gal pal) and he never lets evil off the hook.

Element: Tech Primary Attack: Gold Coin Shooters Secondary Attack: Safe Cracker Bomb
Upgrades Include: Pot-of-Gold Bomb – Super Charged Gold Blasters – Gold Nugget Slinger
This kooky Goldslinger (as opposed to Gunslinger) shoots first and asks questions after. His origin is unknown, but there’s little doubt he’s a real golden blast!

Element: Fire Primary Attack: Flaming Sword Secondary Attack: Fire Spirit
Upgrades Include: Blue Flame Fury – Fire Flourish – Armor Leap
Once a knight, who was fused to his magical suit of armor and transformed into a heroic Blazing Spirit, Ignitor is all fired up to protect the Skylands from evil.

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