Sunday 1 December 2013

HIT PICK #1: GTA meets LEGO ACTION FLICK... An 80's flavoured Free Roaming Actioner that would've starred Arnie back in the Day!!!

LEGO CITY Undercover
Wii U
Single Player
Rated: PG

Incredibly, Lego City Undercover is probably best described as Grand Theft LEGO!!! It's got a big open world to explore, in which you can cause all sorts of carnage and mayhem. That said, parents needn't worry too much, as there’s only ‘Mild Violence’ in the game in which all the characters, vehicles, and environments are totally created with digital Lego.

Additionally, the protagonist is actually an undercover cop not a criminal, so you'll be cleaning up the streets stopping crime, rather than causing it. Undercover is one of the most highly anticipated Wii U exclusives, and should not me missed!

It ditches the typical movie licenses the Lego series of games are best known for, but easily holds its own as an explosive free-roaming actioner, inspired by crazy 80’s action flicks starring the likes of Arnie, Sly, and Chuck… You know what I’m talking about. Over-the-top cop antics that borders on silliness, but is a whole lotta fun!

Lego City Undercover is jam-packed full of humour and visual jokes, and in Guru's view should sport a tagline like, “He’s a good cop, having a bad day!” Players take control of undercover detective Chase McCain as he embarks on a series of missions to stop a massive crime wave spearheaded by criminal mastermind Rex Fury. Cool vehicles, disguises, and tons of Lego collectibles make this a must-play on Wii U!!!


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