Sunday 15 December 2013

HIT PICK #10: THE FUTURE OF VIDEOGAME CONSOLES IS HERE... Guru checks out the power of PS4 & XBOX One!!!

PS4 vs XBOX One
Sony and Microsoft go Head to Head... Let the Games Begin!!!

There's little doubt that it’s an exciting time to be a gamer… Back in June at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Guru saw the unveiling of the PS4 and Xbox One. Gaming behemoths Sony and Microsoft went ‘head to head’ with their new ‘next-gen’ home entertainment systems and we quickly discovered, the future isn't far away… In fact - it's already here! That’s right folks, the PS4 and XBOX One will be two of the hottest items on X-mas wish lists, allowing players to get a taste of the future this holiday season... 

Before you do though, there are a couple of things you should know upfront. While each of the systems have hefty price tags, it’s unfair to classify them as just videogame systems. This generation of gaming devices has truly earned the title ‘entertainment console’ as what they can do and how they are used, is light years beyond just playing games. 

Now the only down-side to all of this glorious tech that Guru can see, is that neither device is backwards compatible. So, if you already own an extensive collection of PS3/Xbox 360 games (like Guru does), you've got two options. Either sell your old games (not a bad way to finance your new console) or keep your old games and console (Guru won't be parting with his anytime soon) and take a hit space wise. Ahh… the price of progress!

PS4 - Highlights...

As you’d expect Sony have gone all out with a sleek design in black (matt and gloss) that just screams high tech. At the heart of the PS4 is an eight core (x86-64) custom processor and 8gb of ultra-fast GDDR5 system memory. There’s little doubt that this is more than enough grunt under the hood, for the coming decade. Add a re-designed Dual-Shock 4 controller with an incorporated ‘touch-pad’ and you have glimpsed the future of gaming!

The Controller...

The Camera...
The new PS4 camera is an extra which must be purchased separately.

One of the exclusive games...

Knack might look like just another kids game, but just wait until you see him in action! With crowd-pleasing platform action gameplay reminiscent of the Crash Bandicoot games and a bizarre morphing creature that was created to win a war against an evil goblin army - this has got the goods to be a winner. Knack can change his form, size, and can even become invisible - cool!


Xbox One - Highlights

Microsoft’s vision for the Xbox One is to be the control hub for all of your entertainment needs. It utilises the next-gen version of Kinect that allows for both voice and gesture control. The design of the console fits in nicely with high-end audio and home theater components and also sports a blu-ray player. The core idea is for consumers to be able to seamlessly jump between TV, movies, games, and music with simple voice commands!    

The Controller

The Camera
The new Kinect camera is included in the XBOX One package.

One of the exclusive games...

XBOX One   
One of the most highly anticipated racing games on the next-gen formats, Forza 5 is set to blow driving fans away! It’s been built from the ground up especially for Xbox One, and the visuals are absolutely stunning! It also delivers some of the best driving action, this side of an actual sports car!

RRP: $599.00

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