Monday 9 December 2013

HIT PICK #6: A PLATFORM ADVENTURE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED... Puppeteer offers some of the Best Platforming on PS3!!!

Single & Multiplayer
Rated: PG

Guru's always been a big fan of videogames that offer something a little bit different, and Puppeteer is the perfect example. On the surface, this game is your typical platform adventure. But it goes way beyond that with a unique visual style, some truly great ideas, and a whole lotta charm. The result is anything but, your standard platform action game!

Inspired by set changes in Japanese Kabuki theatre, this awesome platform adventure transports players to a world that exists on a stage and is inhabited by marionettes. Puppeteer is brilliantly bizarre, wildly inventive, and totally amazing - it's right up Game Guru's alley!

The storyline has a dark-fairytale flavour, taking place in a magical puppet theatre. It’s the tale of a boy named Kutaro, who after a run in with the Moon Bear King literally loses his head! Transformed into a puppet and armed with a magical pair of scissors, Kutaro embarks on an incredible adventure to recover his head and find his way home. 

All of the action plays out on a single stage, which using an ingenious series of set changes pushes the story through numerous locations and environments. It one of the more inventive features of the game and Guru totally dug it!

Better still, our hero can also switch heads to utilise unique special abilities. During his quest, Kutaro will find a series of new noggins to help him overcome the increasingly challenging obstacles and enemies he'll face. This is a way cool twist on the platform genre, which puts Puppeteer up there with the best of them!

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