Wednesday 11 December 2013

HIT PICK #9: AN EPIC ADVENTURE FOR ALL AGES... The Wind Waker HD Delivers One of Link's Best Ever!!!

Wii U
Single Player
Rated: PG

Guru has little doubt that all of you Legend of Zelda fans out there, have been hanging-out desperately for Link’s first adventure on Nintendo's new Wii U console.

Well, the good news is that it’s finally arrived, unfortunately it's not exactly what Guru was expecting. Now don't get me wrong, this re-boot of the highly-acclaimed Game Cube title Wind Waker, is totally freakin' awesome! So, there’s still lots for Zelda fans to be happy about, particularly seeing Link in all of his high-def, cell-shaded glory. But still, call Guru selfish. He wants a totally new Link adventure that show off the power of the Wii and he wants it now!!! Hint, hint... Nintendo.  

As you’d expect, the visuals in this updated version of Wind Waker have been polished up and given a solid dose of the high-def treatment. Now the game’s cute, cel-shaded cartoon style absolutely sparkles - it looks a million dollars and it plays great too! 

Speaking of gameplay, there have been several tweaks and improvements added here and there, making an already brilliant game, even better. There's little doubt that this the definitive version of the game and it definitely warrants another play through.

If you missed The Wind Waker the first time around when it came out on GameCube, you're really in for a treat! It's a must play Zelda experience that's a perfect introduction for younger adventurers new to the series. Veterans are also sure to have a blast, revisiting one of Link’s best adventures - fantastic stuff!

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