Sunday 1 December 2013

HIT PICK #2: THOSE PLAYFUL PIKMIN RETURN... The Third Installment comes to Wii U and it's Totally Outta This World!!!

Wii U
Single Player
Rated: PG

Originally released back in 2001, Pikmin’s story of a shipwrecked astronaut surviving on an alien planet with the help of strange plant-like creatures, made for one of the most unique strategy games ever made. 

It instantly become a cult classic and has grown a huge following with Nintendo fanboys/fangirls over the years.

It's been ages since we've had a new Pikmin game to play, although Pikmin 1 and 2 were re-released on Wii a little while back. Now the third instalment in this awesome series comes to Wii U, with innovative GamePad controls and gorgeous visuals - Pikmin has never looked better!

Fans can now experience a whole new way to control those weird little plant creatures and their different abilities. Featuring a story where a famine has hit a planet known as Koppai, Pikmin 3 sees, not one, but three space travelers (Capt. Charlie, Alph, and Brittany) landing on planet Pikmin, to search for life-saving food that will help them rescue their starving homeworld.

Once again, the trio of astronauts must enlist the help of the strange Pikmin creatures to overcome the many dangers they’ll face on their mission. 

Featuring awesome visuals, and brand new Pikmin to enhance the team’s ability set, this is a must play for anyone who enjoys strategy games or is a fan of the original Pikmin games - brilliant stuff!

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